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Jack Garbarino & The Movement: Legendary Rise

Garbarino describes himself as a family man, businessman, bodybuilder, and dietitian nutritionist. Check out his Twitter handle @PumbedupJack.

Meet Jack Garbarino

He is the author of’s bestselling book, ‘The Movement: How I got this body by never going to the gym in my life,’ and the founder of ‘The Movement Workout.’

For the less acquainted, Jack Garbarino rose to fame from an Episode of Nathan for You.

jack garbarino in the gym

The Movement Book

The Movement book details Jack’s struggles and the specifics of the Movement workout. It is a self-help book inspired by his friendship with Steve and his mentorship of Dende. It will make you laugh, cry, and think. And it might even help you lose a few pounds.

However, it is important to note that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the book. Some articles on the internet suggest it was ghostwritten by Austin Bowers, who was hired by Nathan Fielder. The articles also say that the book fictionalized Garbarino’s life and contains both real-life experiences and fabrications.

Still, Amazon boasts a 5 star rating for the book, with 421 total ratings! Fans love Jack.

the movement workout book reviews

“Jack turned out to be an extremely compelling spokesman, and he was really hitting our message home…“

Nathan Fielder – Episode 3, Season 3 Nathan For You

Austin Bowers: Ghostwriter of “The Movement”

Austin Bowers is Nathan Fielder’s go-to ghostwriter. He’s contributed to several episodes, and is most famous for the book “The Movement.” Maybe the most incredible part of the episode 3, season 3 Nathan For You episode is how Austin Bowers ghostwrote the entire book in just a few days.

So yes, Austin Bowers was the ghostwriter for the book “The Movement” in Nathan For You episode 3, season 3.

If you are not familiar with Austin, scroll down and watch the video (jump to 3:40). His famous ad-lib ‘sentence’ test for Nathan:

“The candles flickered, the sheets were still, but all the energy in the room surrounded Roman and Kenzie. Kenzie stepped forth and gently touched Roman’s arm. He suddenly felt weak in his legs and trembled and fell as if his Achilles heel had been struck by a blade, but all it was was simply a woman’s touch.”

Austin Bowers

Austin was paid $500 to write the book, which went on to sell a huge number of copies on meme-sales alone. (He did such a fantastic job, that Nathan invited him back to produce The Diarrhea Times in season 4, episode 1.) He was given a one week timeline to complete it, with only a few prompts for the storyline.

Sales generated by the book were donated to School on Wheels in LA according to Austin in an interview.

Jack Garbarino & Steve Jobs

According to Jack, he and Steve Jobs were childhood best friends. And, although Steve often teased him about his weight, he was a great and supportive friend. In his book, he writes that his saving grace from his mean classmates was spending the weekends with his best friend, Steve Jobs. 

However, this is part of the ruse, and is false.

jack garbarino and steve jobs
Image credit: Connor Schwinn

Meet “Dende” The Jungle Child

According to Garbarino, his dream was always to teach the African ‘jungle children.’ In his book, he writes that Steve Jobs always knew he would be a teacher.

He met Dende, a jungle child, while mentoring jungle children on healthy eating habits. They formed a special bond over time. Unfortunately, during an interview (watch below), Garbarino stated that Dende was murdered and eaten by baboons.


Check out the amazing clip below from ABC’s live TV morning show.

Dende baboon

Jack on ‘Nathan for You’ Comedy Central show

‘Nathan for you’ is an American docu-reality comedy television series starring comedian Nathan Fielder. Fielder tries to use his business background and life experiences to help struggling companies and people in the series. He does this by offering outlandish strategies, parodying the methods of marketing and management consultants.

In episode three of the third season, Nathan attempts to help a struggling, moving company by providing free labor. The plan involved the creation and marketing of ‘The movement’ workout fitness routine.

Nathan would then lure interested parties into working for the moving company by leading them to believe they were simply exercising. Marketing for ‘The Movement’ involved a ghost-written book that made it onto the Amazon best-seller list.

It also resulted in several television appearances by the ‘inventor’ and public face of the routine, bodybuilder Jack Garbarino. And here we are.

Watch the episode highlights below!

Nathan Fielder

Real life Jack is nothing like the fictional Jack. Well, maybe.

He does workout, but he is not some workout guru. All in all, this is good fun for comedy.