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Austin Bowers Ghostwriter of The Movement


Background Life

A fan of Mortal Combat and Overwatch, Austin Bowers attended the University of Michigan, graduating with a BA in Film/Cinema. After graduating, he did a brief stint Guardian Liberty Voice, while also freelance writing.


Discovery On Craigslist

Austin Bowers applied to a Craigslist post, not knowing it would be his most high profile gig yet! According to an interview in 2021, the ad was incredibly vague, asking only for a writer in the LA area.

Austin did not realize he was writing for a Nathan For You TV until the episode aired. The filmed under the guise of it being a video interview. They also acted out the box movement, which is seen in the episode.

It helps that Austin is super chill. The contrast between him and Nathan helps elevate the episode.


Background Details On Jack

Much of the story was fabricated, and Austin was not given a lot of info to work with. As such, liberties were taken. Making Jack friends with Steve Jobs and helping jungle children such as Dende, we Nathan’s additions.

Ironically, Austin managed to create an incredibly detailed backstory on the fake characters for the book. He also dove into several different topics in depth, such as fitness and science.

Austin would write nonstop for about a week, taking breaks to briefly eat and watch something, before diving back in. The man is a legend.


Life After Nathan For You

Austin developed somewhat of a cult following after the show aired. Fans were delighted when he was brought back in to write the Diarrhea Times in a later episode.

To this day, Austin still gets fan messages and has a patreon for supporters of his work. The most recent interview we found was with Nathan For Us.


Current Works

As a professional writer, Austin keeps busy with client work, and on his own project, Four Hearts Academy. You can check out his profile on LinkedIn. His pen is Redhood_Ghost. If you appreciate Austin’s work, or just want to support artists in general, go check him out!

4 hearts academy

In September 2021, Austin announced via LinkedIn that he would be writing a trio of ‘fictional romantic stories’ to be released early in 2022. The fictional couple he will be using were those he created on the Nathan For You Show – Roman and Kenzie.

A Recent Photo of Austin!

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